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5 Tips from the experts on raising the value of your vacation home

A vacation home is an investment, and it should be the priority of any owner to make sure that their investment continues to grow in value. If you are looking to sell your vacation home or if you are simply looking to up the value to boost the rental income, then have a look at these proven tips from the experts.

  1. Upgrade Outdoor Living Space

    One of the most important aspects of any vacation home is the outdoor space. Experts agree that upgrading the outdoor living space can make a huge difference in the experience of those that stay in the vacation home. A private pool is considered a top feature, and an outdoor grill is also fairly popular. Pay attention to your outdoor space to up the value of your vacation home. Aside from new installations, regular maintenance can also help to ensure that the value remains high.

  2. Update your Kitchen

    A kitchen is a room that can add serious value to any vacation home. Most people like to cook in their vacation home, and it is vital for them to be able to make food in style. Even small upgrades can result in a big value boost, which makes the kitchen one room that should always remain a top priority.

  3. Implement Smart Technology

    One emerging trend that is set to dominate in the coming years is the use of smart home technology. Experts have concluded that this technology can do wonders in upping the value for a vacation home. Smart devices include security cameras, door locks, lighting controls, and smoke detectors. Smart connectivity allows residents to easily control home settings with the touch of a button. Smarten up that vacation home, and you can expect a long-term value boost.

  4. Clean, Declutter & Repair

    It can be tempting to roll out major updates but don’t forget the essentials of cleaning and decluttering. Experts note that a deep clean and declutter can do wonders at raising the value of a vacation home. It is vital to keep things functioning and to keep a watchful eye on appliances.

  5. Create Additional Living Space

    Boosting the square footage of your vacation home can have a significant impact in upping the value. Experts agree that livable square feet is one of the most significant determinants of value. You can squeeze out some more space from your vacation home by adding another room, and preferably one that combines form with function. Aside from adding a room, there is also the possibility of adding a basement or a deck. It is vital to be aware of the local regulations when planning any expansion of the living space.

  6. You will now have a better idea on which steps to take in order to boost the value of your vacation home. If you are looking to sell or if you need any advice, then The Ambrosio Real Estate Team is here to help. Our specialist team can ensure that you get the right sales price for your vacation home. You can contact us on 727.433.0372 or email us at