Harry James with the Harry James Group in Markham, Ontario, who is a client of Frank Ambrosio, talks about just needing to execute to take advantage of investment opportunities.  Over my past 19 years in real estate, I must hear once a week from a buyer, “If it was meant to be it will happen!”. In the back of my head I’m always thinking, “No, someone is going to take advantage of your lost opportunity.”   Execute!

I feel the real estate market provides a level playing field for big and small investors.  Having been a Certified Financial Planner, I think the stock market is heavily influenced by institutional investors leaving the private investor at a disadvantage.  Also, real estate investments still have great tax advantages.

We at the Ambrosio Real Estate Team work with investors like Harry to find strong real estate investments with attractive cash flow.  If you want to learn more about real estate investments, please contact me or one of my associates.

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