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Here’s why you should hire a real estate agent

Thinking of whether it is worth hiring a real estate agent? With better technology and applications, many homeowners and buyers feel as though navigating the real estate market alone may be worthwhile. However, even with the influx of new technologies, it is still essential to hire a real estate agent, whether you are buying or selling a home. Here are the key reasons why it is so important to have a professional real estate agent to support you in the process.

Cost Considerations

The main reason why someone may choose to forgo a real estate agent is because of the cost savings in commision. While it is true that commission can be a significant cost, it also provides high value. If you’re going the FSBO route, then you will still need to deal with many costs, and even still, you will likely have to pay a commission for the agent on the other side of the deal. An agent justifies their cost through the work they put in through marketing your home, and getting the various documents ready.


An agent’s greatest asset is their experience and qualifications. They know the local area better than you, which means they can market a home in the best manner. For a buyer, it means they are able to spot homes that provide excellent value. Their understanding of local market trends makes them an invaluable asset throughout the process. They can market a home in a manner that it makes it more attractive to buyers, and as a result, it may have a higher sales price. Often, this difference may even be greater than the commission paid out to the agent.

Negotiating Skills

Much of the real estate market involves negotiating, whether it is for a buyer or a seller. The final price is the one that is agreed with both parties, and it requires specialist negotiating skills to secure a competitive price. Going into negotiations without the necessary skills often means that an individual will lose out and pay significantly more for a property or recieve less

Efficient at Resolving Problems

The process of buying or selling a home can be complex, and problems can arise within the process. Real estate agents are prepared to deal with legal issues in a timely manner and in a way that results in lower costs. Having to deal with these alone can be a nightmare, and the end result can be a prolonged process. A communicative real estate agent will keep you in the know, and they will be on hand to deal with problems in a calm and swift manner.

You will now be aware of the benefits that an experienced real estate agent can bring. The Ambrosio Real Estate Team are here to help you every step of the way. Our dedicated team provides a professional and tailored service to suit your requirements. You can contact us on 727.433.0372 or email us at info(at)waterfronttampabay(dotted)com.