Fort Knox Bar on the Beach raised $24,552.75 at their 6th Annual Charity Golf Event on Saturday, October 22nd. The Ambrosio Real Estate Team sponsored a hole at the event and the proceeds raised will go to benefit Friends of Strays.

Below is an excerpt from Fort Knox Bar on the Beach’s Facebook page which retraces the history of how Fort Knox started this tradition:

The staff at Fort Knox, led by George is a humble group, working hard to provide a clean, fun establishment for friends to gather, but we think a little history may be in order:

7 years ago George approached Mike and Sue about purchasing the Fort Knox. One of the primary business goals that we set was, if we were ever profitable, which you in the business know, is a challenge given all the pitfalls of running a bar business, we would share our profits with those less fortunate in our local community.
George works and I play golf so we decided maybe a charity golf tournament would be a good vehicle to accomplish this goal.

Our first year we threw together 70 golfers and a few sponsors and raised $2,500.00 for Sun Coast Hospice, who took care of George’s mom in her final days with us.
The next year we raised $8,731.87 for American Diabetes Association, a disease that George’s mom was afflicted with.
In 2013, one of our own, Heidi, got breast cancer, a disease that has affected so many of our friends. We are pleased to tell you that she kicked cancers butt with the help of the Susan Cheek Needler Breast Center, and we raised $15,409.92 to help them carry on their mission.
The next year we were introduced to Joshua House, a home for neglected and abused children in our community. One thing that we learned at our site visit was, as dire as the situation these kids are in, it is not their fault, and we should do anything we can do to help them return them to a normal life. Our contributions were $19,755.09 in 2014 and $25,285.90 last year.
The $85.00 or $100.00 fee our golfers pay, is pretty much eaten up with golf course fees, lunch and the shirt we provide. It is our sponsors, led by Ron and his friends in the pet food industry, that help us raise the money we contribute to charity.
The sponsors are displayed on the banners and hole signs here at the bar tonight and we encourage you to thank them personally and patronize their businesses whenever you can.
You will notice that all of our contribution amounts are down to the penny. Fort Knox, nor any volunteer, makes any money from this event.  All funds are deposited in a separate charity account, we pay the bills and whatever is left is contributed to the charity, 100%.
It is difficult to single out any one volunteer as they all work so hard every year, but we want to thank Dianne and Heidi for contacting all the local businesses and Beth, who pretty much single handedly ran the whole event. Thank you ladies!
This brings us to this year’s contribution and we are proud to announce, with your help and all of our sponsors, we raised $24,552.75 for the Friends of Strays.

Here is a history of giving:
Fort Knox Charity Golf Tournament History of Giving

2011 Suncoast Hospice $ 2,500.00
2012 American Diabetes Association 8,731.87
2013 Susan Cheek Needler Breast Center 15,409.92
2014 Joshua House 19,755.09
2015 Joshua House 25,285.90
2016 Friends of Strays 24,552.75

Grand total to date $96,235.53

Not bad for a little neighborhood sports bar.
Thank you again for your continued support.

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Link to Fort Knox Bar on the Beach:  Facebook Fort Knox Bar on the Beach

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